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BTL Park Will Be Done By the Christmas

Exactly three weeks ago Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley updated the media that the renovation of BTL Park would be completed in 41 days and that the newly refurbished park would be officially opened on December 7th. Well the rains have been almost constant since then so we took the opportunity to ask Bradley if this has affected the scheduled re-launch of the park.


“In relation to BTL Park, we have noticed that there has been a setback.  The date that we have set, 7th December to launch the park has been forecasted, all things being even, including the weather.  The three weeks have really held us back.  One of the things that we are looking at is that the contractors are really working well, they worked on the weekends; they worked this weekend, I did an inspection out there and so we are going to make a final decision as it relates to the launch but even if there is to be a delay, I don’t expect that it will be more than a week or so and we are expecting that the park will be opened before the Christmas holidays.  We are still having our countdown, that hasn’t changed; we are finalizing bringing in an international artist for the launching of the park; we are working with all the vendors, we finished the training of all the vendors last week.  It was a very exciting process; the City Council is giving each vendor a grant of $1500.00 to assist them with the launch of their business; we have provided them with a contractor to help them outfit outside of their business; we are working with BTL and with other stake holders to ensure that the launch is a huge success and if it is that we have to delay that process, it won’t be too long of a delay and we are marshalling along in terms of having a very spectacular launch; we have already arranged twenty minutes of fireworks to open the park with a huge bang for the benefit of residents of Belize City.”

According to Mayor Bradley the Belize City Council’s vision for BTL Park is that it will be a place that’s steaming with economic activity every single weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

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