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Engineer Killed While Socializing in Bar

Reports of a stabbing incident came to Love News just before ten o’clock on Saturday night where an engineer was stabbed to death, allegedly and ironically by a person who was hired at the location to maintain law and order.  Superintendent Hilberto Romero briefed the media on the incident.Wilmer Cisneros

Love News understands that Cisneros and Jimenez were in the company of other co-workers of M and M Engineering and they were socializing at The Blue House Bar in Ladyville Village, Belize District after coming off work.  We contacted the family members for comment but they opted not to do so.  The two security guards from the establishment are detained at the Ladyville Police Station.  Just over a year ago there was another incident inside this very same establishment that resulted in a stabbing.  The then Officer in Charge of Ladyville, Christopher Noble had told the media that the bar is known for wild activity and the authorities in the area had been appealing to not have its liquor licenses renewed

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