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Shot to The Head While Washing Vehicle

A 28-year-old man of Belize City is at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to the head.  Police reports say that Williams was approached by two persons last night at around 8:45 on Raccoon Street in Belize City, who were offering to sell him vehicle tire rims.  It is uncertain as to what was said but the encounter ended with Williams being shot to the head.  Williams’ mother, Lelia Williams, told Love News that she has no idea who would want to hurt her son.


“They said that two gunmen rode up to him and asked him if he can purchase the two car rims that he is selling and he told them someone already came to see them and they are sold and then one of the gunmen just shot him in the head and the other just dispersed.  He is on life support machine and he is critical.  He was shot in the head and the bullet is lodged in the brain and the doctor says we need to wait until the swelling goes down in order for them to do a surgery.  Right now, we are sending up prayers and the doctor says he is a 50/50 chance for life.  He has no enemies but police has the names of the two suspects.  He was washing his vehicle and my grandson offered to help him and as he turned his back to wash his tire, he saw his uncle fell to the ground; he had seen the two boys coming up the street but he doesn’t recognize them.  The two men had on hats, people saw them and they gave the police the information.”

Police continues their investigations into this latest shooting incident.

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